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CudaJet Hard Case

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CudaJet Hard Cases are made by Peli. Recognised globally as the leading case manufacturer to protect your goods. 

Lifetime Warranty! If your case is broken, we will send you a replacement anywhere in the World.

The custom foam insert will hold your Underwater Jetpack secure to protect against drops from a height.

These cases are waterproof should you drop them overboard or have them released as a care package from a helicopter.    

Shipping & Returns

All products are currently made to order.

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No Hassle

Fit everything into one complete case, ready to transport easily or store away.


Peli Air cases are up to 40% lighter.

These ultra-light cases are moulded from the next generation of the Peli lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking.

Length -790

Width - 433

Depth - 339

Weight 6.6kg

How to pack

A secure, snug fit to look after your Underwater Jetpack as you travel to the next dive location.