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Underwater Jetpack

To order please contact our retailers or email us at

CudaJet's flagship product, the World's First Underwater Jetpack is a luxury water sports toy that gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom with predator-like manoeuvrability as you fly weightlessly around a new underwater world. 

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


All products are currently made to order.

Please email or contact your local distributor.

Products will be shipped on a first come first serve basis.

Please note the Founders Edition and fully paid for products will have priority in the queue.

Care Instructions

Read product manual thoroughly

Rinse with fresh water after every use.

Do not leave in direct sunlight.

What's Included

- Underwater Jetpack

- Controller

- Harness

- Charger

- Charge Key

Product Stats

Speed - 3m/s

Thrust - 40kg

Jetpack Size - 495 x 306 x 200

Jetpack Weight - 13.2kg

Jetpack Buoyancy - 5N

Depth - 40m

Run Time - 40mins

Charge Time - 90mins

Harness Size - Chest 34" to 52" (81cm to 132cm)

Harness Weight - 1.5kg to 1.7kg

Harness Buoyancy - 45N to 60N

Harness Size Guide

Please use this guide to select the size of the harness required. We will contact you before manufacturing the harness to ensure the fit is correct. If you have any concerns please contact

Patented Propulsion System

CudaJet's unique propulsion system allows the Underwater Jetpack to be compact and lightweight.

Estimated Use Time

Open Loop Cooling

With eight cooling intakes our electronics stay within optimal temperature range to get that extra bit of power.