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CudaJet Harness

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CudaJet's Harness has been developed from the ground up, employing aerospace expertise to produce a comfortable yet powerful amalgamation between the User and Underwater Jetpack. 

Please note that one harness is included upon purchasing each and every Underwater Jetpack.

If you need another harness for a friend to quickly swap over the Jetpack, or have simply outgrown yours, we have your back (and your chest). 


All products are currently made to order.

Please email or contact your local distributor.

Products will be shipped on a first come first serve basis.

Please note the Founders Edition and fully paid for products will have priority in the queue.

Care Instructions

Read product manual thoroughly

Rinse with fresh water after every use.

Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Positive Buoyancy

The Harness provides positive buoyancy (Avg 60N) allowing you to float & rest on the surface in between dives, or if you let go of the power.

Become One

Once attached, CudaJet's Harness enables you to become one with your Underwater Jetpack, giving you complete freedom and confidence.

Harness Size Guide

Please use this guide to select the size of the harness required.

When choosing, prioritise chest and waist size.

We will contact you before manufacturing the harness to ensure the fit is correct. If you have any concerns, please contact